Crab and Spider: a traditional Ewe fable on trust

Jeff Megayo
2 min readApr 18, 2020
© Molgaart/ Adobe Stock

A long time ago, during a period when humans and animals coexisted, Crab and Spider were very close mates. Among the three companions, Crab was the most empathetic. He helped his friends eagerly when they faced hardship.

One day, Spider asked his friend Crab to loan him his head. As always, Crab agreed and loaned his head to Spider who wore Crab’s head to the Chief’s house. The Chief had summoned Spider who was a suspect in a grave offense.

When the Chief and his council heard the case, Spider was found guilty and given a capital punishment by beheading. Spider was well aware that the head did not belong to him, so he did not protest. He recognized his guilt and the head was cut.

Crab waited in his home in vain for Spider to return his head, but till this day, Spider never showed up and they never crossed path.

The Creator felt sorry for Crab’s tragedy and molded him a new mouth, teeth and a pair of pincers to defend himself thereon.

And so it was and so it is from that day to this that Crab is still looking for Spider with his pincers.

Moral of the story: trust has a price and it is very expensive. Regardless of how empathetic you are, ensure that your trust is earned and not given. Thus, in everything you undertake (your business, your career, your love life…) in everything at all, show the value of your trust — it’s not cheap.



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