The Evaporative Solidarity in the Black Community

An invisible obstacle in plain sight

There’s something that disturbs black communities universally. It appears insignificant, almost ridicule, something that could be found in the trivial section of a newspaper. Don’t be fooled, it’s vicious precisely because the victims are unaware of it. I call it Unity-in-Fun.

The black diversity in colleges helps black students to envision this

Symptoms of unity-in-fun

Soon enough though, disappointment settled in. I observed a behavioral pattern within this black community and I found this to be unfortunate. On campus, this community founded a plethora of clubs that each had its own agenda. Essentially though, each group wanted to achieve the common goal of fostering the growth of black students through academics, social events, and even religion.

There must be this much harmony in economic endeavors

A private equity club that simply vanished

During my penultimate year at the university, someone who I had met at the library some time ago, informed me that he wanted to form a business club on campus. He briefly explained to me that him and some friends wanted to create a private equity club. It would also act as a bona fide investment vehicle through which members could invest in projects across Africa.

This isn’t a generalization- it’s a call for improvement

At this point, it’s important that you understand I’m not undermining the collective effort that black people, in the past and now, undertake to promote the development of their communities. Also, being united in having fun is not the issue here. The problem is that our unity in fun supersedes our unity in work. Still, remember that an imperative part of personal growth or community progress is to always improve, even at those things that we already do well.

What can we do about this?

Never one to criticize or to identify a problem without proposing a solution, regardless of how inadequate, I have a three reminders that would help us to cease being victims of unity-in-fun:

  • We need to contribute an equal or greater amount of solidarity in enduring activities and economic endeavors, as we do in leisure pursuits. If we’re united in having fun, we must be even more united in succeeding
  • We must begin to appreciate shared success. In solidarity pursuits, sometimes we must embrace community recognition in lieu of individual gratitude. That’s fine because in the long term, the community is stronger and its members have more leverage to achieve greater individual success
  • Finally, let’s make a concerted effort to inculcate these principles in our children very early on because behaviors and convictions aren’t easily altered in old age.
Position children to understand shared success



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